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TheArtistreePlain (1).png


Since 1998

The Artistree offers the most current and trendy contemporary faux finish painting techniques in North East Florida offering both personal and commercial services. We use only the best products and work with all the top designers in Jacksonville, Florida.

Venetian Plaster or Grassello products used for interior designing. Dark purple or burgundy luxury home design

Our various finishes and stencil designs can add elegance to ceilings, walls, cabinets, vanities, fireplaces, floors, and whatever else you can imagine. 

Alligator Skin faux painting venetain plaster silver
Luxury dining room table set with beautiful chandilier and white walls

Outdated kitchens can be transformed at half the price when we paint the look you want instead of replacing your appliances.

The Artistree after picture of venetian plaster ceiling design cold walls and burgundy red venetian plaster walls and wide stenciling

We would love to hear  about your upcoming projects, whether it's choosing custom colors or looking at samples. Let us be an integral part in designing your home to satisfy your personal tastes.


Contact us or find us on Instagram or Facebook.

William Meyer beautiful stencil working man construction interior design lucury homes


William Meyer is the brains behind The Artistree. Meyer wan born in Panama and has created business with his home/commercial designing and fine art in Jacksonville, Florida. While working with LEED builders and designers, his company installs custom decorative finishes across North East Florida in the most luxurious homes for high-end interior designers and custom home builders. He takes pride in The Artistree's use of  low VOC products which have less adverse effects on the environment. He consistently promotes the use of recycled paints and green products in his art and faux painting.

william meyer sigature artist clos up paint dirty finger nails
William Meye Fine art gallery hung up on walls variou paintings water ocean aquatic
Happy man william meyer faux painting constructing light blue baby sky

Meyer's artistic talents and dedication to reduce the carbon footprint often associated with these materials has won him multiple awards from various "Recycled Art" contests. Currently as a member of the Decorative Artistans League,  he specializes in creating objects and spaces that pay special attention to the methodical process brought from close collaboration with the owner, builder, and interior designer. Meyer has a prominent ability to bring out distinct detail and produce a vivid impression through sight and mind. His creative uses of materials, technique, and skill for textured designs is apparent in all his work.

Meyer recycles his paints from The Artistree to create his fine art products. His painting styles include landscapes, portraits, impressionism, surrealism, and contemporary abstracts. Meyers use of layering mixed media, brush strokes, and textures have been greatly influenced and inspired  by old masters.


Vermeer, Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet, Goya, Richter, Rothco, Sargent, Mucha, Turner and Whistler.


Many of Meyers Paintings are an ultimate attempt to balance his German analytical mind with a Panamanian spirit.



first coast thanksgiving magazine jacksonville florida pie blueberry beautiful thaks and giving back
first coast magazine yellow text spring into th season with diy home and garden onespark beautfiul exterior interior home
WILLIAM meyer painting donna deegan naked breast cancer democratic candidate mirror intimate bodypaint


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